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Nomz Miniatures
This site is (was) for testing purposes only.

The Awakening


The next few months felt like grinding for levels in an MMO as we pursued new distributors, manufacturers, and began databasing their product lines on to our site. The databasing was tough and soul destroying work which seemed as endless as reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but less interesting.

Databasing is tough work!

Soda Pop Miniatures Super Dungeon Explore
Soda Pop Miniatures
Super Dungeon Explore

Fizzle me, a Breakthrough!

The real break for us came when Amber contacted Soda Pop miniatures. It did more than simply open up a new line of really very cool anime models for us to stock, Soda Pop brought us a new opportunity that made us rethink a lot of our entire strategy!

By the time Amber had finished talking to Soda Pop we'd scooped up the exclusive right to distribute Super Dungeon Explore in Germany and the Netherlands!

Suddenly our plans to launch in Germany had to be brought forward. We had always intended to bring Nomz to Germany once we had got established in the UK & Netherlands, but with this exclusive deal we realised that we'd have to translate the entire site into German, as well as Dutch, and we hadn't even finished the English site yet!

The Deadline

Then Amber had a brain wave, if we're going to launch with an exclusive product - lets do a proper launch!

She picked the worlds largest trade fair, Internationale Spieltage in Essen Germany, as the show from which Nomz would arrive on the scene and open it's doors to the public. Suddenly we had a deadline!

We put all the translations on hold whilst we started a huge push to finish the English site whilst Amber started frantically preparing everything we needed for the launch show.

Becky started manically working on the site polishing bits up, adding features that she 'had meant to get around too' and started work on the audio visual aspect of the launch party.

Nomz started working toward a real purpose, the date was set, and there was nothing we could do to change it. We had to be ready.

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