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Nomz Miniatures
This site is (was) for testing purposes only.

The Birth of Nomz Tech

The first ever Nomz page
The First Nomz-Miniatures page
1-48 Combat


Facebook was the scene of the next landmark in the development of Nomz, when Stefano Cavane of Beauda Games invited Amber to be a friend via Facebook quite by chance. We've no idea why he did that, but of course Amber responded. Within a few days she'd agreed a deal for selling Beauda's 1-48 Combat game.

Nomz Tech

Meenwhile Becky began working on the web site. Now 'making a web page' is not a terribly difficult process, but Nomz needed more than just a bit of 'HTML', Nomz needed to handle stock levels, process orders, keep customers informed about the status of their order, allow for databasing the products, handle multiple languages and so on and so on. What Nomz needed was an 'eCommerce Platform'.

Having been interested in writing her own eCommerce platform for around a year already Becky began work on Nomz.

Why Not in the UK?

Then the question dawned on Becky, 'why not sell miniatures from the UK too?'. The next thing she knew she was setting up a Nomz in the UK as well, to be a completely seperate company to Nomz NL. It was a simple step from where the girls were at, but quite a novel concept to have 2 companies operating from the same site with combined marketing & purchasing power.

It wouldn't be long before the Nomz platform was not just seemlessly handling two completely seperate warehouses, but it intelligently helped customers switch between the two different Nomz companies when one warehouse was out of stock.

Finding the Miniatures

As the site began to take shape and all of the products for 1-48 Combat were listed the girls began approaching suppliers. This became an arduous task because the roleplaying & wargaming industry is full of small companies run by enthusiasts who don't necessarily know all about eCommerce and it was at times very frustrating whilst trying to get what we needed to provide a quality service to our customers.

For instance, each product needs at least 1 large high quality image that allows you to zoom in and see the details, along with pictures of everything you'll get in the box - and by picture we don't meen small thumbnail!

Many of the companies just didn't have the photography needed to make good listings, and we didn't want to end up with another web site looking like a textual database. We realised that our customers are buying a piece of art and that art is a visual experience!

Add to this the very cagey replies about 'What sells well?' making it very difficult to know which products to buy in, when some companies have over 300 lines and we've got very little money to make our initial stock purchase with.

Beauda Games have been brilliant with their 1-48 Combat game, but after that initial success it was a long time before we were able to move forward and add another product line.

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