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WW2 Russians 1-48 Combat Russian Reinforcements
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Russian Reinforcements
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Russian Reinforcements


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1-48 Combat
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1-48 Combat Reinforcements, 2 Miniatures in 1 Pack at a Special Price!

Reinforce Your Army

Bring up the Reinforcements!

  • Armed Force: Order of Lenin 62nd Army (62-? ?????)
  • Unit: 45th Rifle Division
  • Rank: Private
  • Weapons: Either PPSh-41 Submachinegun OR Mosin Nagant Bolt Action Rifle

Positioned behind the 13th Guards Rifle Division on the East bank of the Volga and away from the real fighting at the start of the battle of Stalingrad the 45th Rifle Division avoided much of the bloody work, acting as reserve forces for the 13th - until the 26th October 1942 when they where ferried over the Volga to take up a front line position between the Red October Steel Works and the Barrikady factory.

Pack Content:

  • 2 x 1:48 Scale Pewter Cast Miniatures with Seperate Heads
  • 2 x Plastic 25mm Round Slotted Bases
  • 1 x Stats Card which doubles as a Painting Guide for both figures
  • 1 x Set of Full Colour Markers & Tokens for use in 1:48 Combat
Reinforce Your Army
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