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WW2 Russians 1-48 Combat Boris Zyukow
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Boris Zyukow
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Boris Zyukow


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1-48 Combat
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Russian Submachinegunner model for use in 1-48 Combat, comes complete with scenery piece, game card & counters.

Recruit Boris


  • Armed Force: Order of Lenin 62nd Army (62-я армия)
  • Unit: 13th Guards Rifle Division
  • Rank: Non Commissioned Officer
  • Weapons: PPSh-41 Submachinegun

The Russian army cleverly saw the benefits to machinegun combat & tactics in urban and forest environments and was the first army to introduce widescale deployment of entire units equipped with submachineguns.

This decision led to the fearsome Russian reputation for continuing to bear down on targets even after they're wounded. You shoot a Russian, and he'll keep coming - because he has too, because he wants to get close, because when he gets close his Pistolet-Pulemyot Shpagina 41 Submachinegun will tear the enemy lines to pieces.

PPSh-41's were a mainstay of the Russian army, typically armed with a drum magazine loaded with about 60-65 rounds (although the drum could take 71 rounds any more than this and the drum was liable to jamming). Soldiers would then switch to easier to carry standard box magazines when they needed to reload. Box magazines rarely jammed, but proved less popular amongst Russian soldiers who typically fought in very close quarters with the enemy and rarely had time to reload once engaged.

Pack Contents:

  • 1 x 1:48 scale pewter cast miniature in one piece
  • 1 x Large (60mm wide!) and intricately detailed terrain piece which doubles as a display base
  • 1 x Metal 25mm round slotted base
  • 1 x Stats card which doubles as a painting guide
  • 1 x "Suppression Fire" marker
  • 1 x "Opportunity Fire" marker
  • 1 x wound marker
  • 2 x Russian Action Tokens.

Give your squad the close quarters firepower it needs by recruiting Boris Zyukow. His PPSh-41 rifle will tear the enemy to shreds in close quarters.

Recruit Boris
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