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WW2 Germans 1-48 Combat Rolf Krause
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Rolf Krause
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Rolf Krause


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1-48 Combat
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German machinegunner for use in 1-48 Combat, comes with 2 head options, scenery piece, game card & counters.

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German Sturmsch├╝tz (Storm Trooper)

  • Armed Force: Wehrmacht 6th Army
  • Unit: 79th Infantry Division
  • Rank: Private 1st Class
  • Weapons: MG34 Light Machine Gun

Light Machine Guns inspired a whole new form of infantry warfare in the 30's and the Germans stole a tactical lead by deploying the mighty impressive MG34 during the Spanish Civil War. The MG34 was so sucessful it remained in production up until the end of the war despite the mid-war production of the more powerful MG42.

Based on the Swiss Solothurn 1930 with some basic enhancements such as a muzzle flash inhibitor the MG34 is capable of over 800 rounds per minute, so if you don't hit your target when firing one they'll certainly be keeping their heads down!

Pack Contents:

  • 1 x 1:48 scale pewter cast miniature - body
  • 2 x 1:48 scale pewter cast heads
  • 1 x Large (60mm wide!) and intricately detailed terrain piece which doubles as a display base
  • 1 x Metal 25mm round slotted base
  • 1 x Stats card which doubles as a painting guide
  • 1 x "Suppression Fire" marker
  • 1 x "Opportunity Fire" marker
  • 1 x wound marker
  • 2 x German Action Tokens.

Make sure you've got the firepower to support your squad by adding Private 1st Class Rolf Krause to your army. His Maschinengewehr 34 will prove an invaluable asset.

Recruit Rolf
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