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Fantasy Chaos Gamezone Chaos Sorcerer
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Chaos Sorcerer
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Chaos Sorcerer


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28mm Heroic scale Chaos Sorcerer

Fireball Your Enemies!

Get a spell caster in your ranks to utterly devastate the enemy

With the ability to call upon powerful magics on the battlefield your enemies will suffer the blight of your evil machinations with this chaotic wizard as your ally.

No fantasy army is complete without a mage to reign fire and brimstone down upon the enemy ranks.

This dramatic model captures the moment this nefarious wizard is unleashing a hellish spell granted him by the demonic overlords he worships. At the head of the spells energy a chaotic face is forming revealing gnashing teath.

Cast fear upon your enemies by confronting them with this machivelan wizard.

Fireball Your Enemies!
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