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Bases Steel-Plating SWM 10 x 25mm Steel Plating Bases
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10 x 25mm Steel Plating Bases
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10 x 25mm Steel Plating Bases


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Perfect for Space Hulk and sci-fi games these bases will make your models look amazing.

Launch the Assault Shuttles!

Can You Ever Have Enough Steel?

Although these bases are a perfect fit for Space Hulk they wont look out of place in any sci-fi game.

  1. Suiteable for Sci-Fi
  2. 1/48 & 28mm Heroic scale
  3. Mount in multiple directions for variation
  4. 10 x Pressure cast resin bases
  5. Beveled edge

Each base allows for mounting your miniature in multiple directions for extra variety in your army.

You just can't achieve this effect with paint alone and the difference in your models will be out of this world. Give your hero squad the finishing touch to their paint job that they deserve by mounting them on a base that looks the business.

Launch the Assault Shuttles!
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