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Suicide Queen and Rollo
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Suicide Queen and Rollo


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The Suicide Queen & Rollo collectors piece is a 32mm Heroic Scale miniature set which captures Suicide Queen's emotional surprise as Rollo barks at whatever has caused her alarm.

Suicide Me

Do You Dare Cross the Hells Bells?

For Suicide Queen life was easier before her cypher Rollo appeared. In those days all the leader of the gang, Hells Bells, needed to concern herself with was cracking heads and strong arming racers and pit crews who thought they could zoom through the miles of Cerci Speed Circuit racing track criss-crossing her turf without paying.

Now Relic Knights, Black Diamond mercs, and all manner of off planet badness seemed determined to wipe her out. Even worse, she'd been forced to seek assistance from Malya more than once when things got out of hand.

Still it wasn't all bad. Her Dungeon Explore character now only got purple drops and she hadn't lost a hand of cards or a roll of the dice since. Ricocheting shots around corners with unerring accuracy proved fun too. No, it wasn't all bad.

This set includes a complete model for the character Suicide Queen and her cypher, Rollo.

Suicide Queen and Rollo are 32mm heroic scale and sculpted in very high quality.

  1. 32mm Heroic Scale
  2. Metal Cast
  3. 2 Miniatures
  4. Sculpted Base

Sculpted by Nicolas NguYuen. Models are supplied unpainted. Assembly required.

Suicide Me
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