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Anime Soda-Pop Soda Pop Squall
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Soda Pop
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Anime collectors piece, stylish 32mm heroic scale miniature of a tech mage.

Bring Down the Lightening

Cast a Storm Upon Your Collection

Since abandoning the prestigious Doctrine institution, The Caetermane Academy, Squall has plied her skills across all sectors of Wild Space.

None can say what awful deed forced her self-induced exile. In rare unguarded moments she can be found in the ships galley drowning whatever demons haunt her. It is best to leave her alone with her thoughts unless you are firmly grounded.

In battle Squall is as temperamental as the elements that she conjures. Great arcs of lightening tear holes in bulkheads, electronics are overloaded and fried from the inside-out and nothing but the charred remains of her enemies are left.

Privateers and bounty hunters alike pay top credit for the benefits and destructive power that a fully trained Doctrine mage brings to bear. Squall is currently in the employ of the Star Nebula Corsairs, Calico Kate%u2019s deep treasure vaults accommodating even the most expensive of mercenaries.

  1. 32mm Heroic Scale
  2. Metal Cast
  3. Sculpted Base

Sculpted by Aaragorn Marks. Supplied unpainted, assembly required.

Bring Down the Lightening
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