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Iron Chef
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Iron Chef


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32mm Heroic scale four armed Marmod chef in an anime style.

Fry me Alive!

Smoke me a Kipper, I'll be Back for Breakfast

The Marmod are a long lived and voracious species, virtually anything within arms' reach can and usually will be consumed. Thanks to an iron hard constitution and an equally tough set of stomachs the Marmod are capable of sustaining life in just about any environment.

Iron Chef caught the eye of Calico Kate years ago in the food stalls on Molloch Prime. The dizzying speed at which he chopped, basted, broiled and baked was impressive. When a pair of Marmod thugs tried to make off with his register she witnessed what kind of violence could be served from the business end of a two-handed frying pan and a giant radish.

The offer from Kate to travel, eat and cook so many things was an offer the Iron Chef could not refuse. Now with a galley stocked with the finest ingredients the Iron Chef has found a place where he can truly fulfill his calling. Just don't get on his bad side, you might literally be joining him for dinner.

  1. 32mm Heroic Scale
  2. Metal Cast
  3. Sculpted Base

Sculpted by Alexandre 'Aragorn' Marks. Supplied unpainted, assembly required.

Model is supplied unpainted. Assembly required.
Fry me Alive!
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