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Anime Soda-Pop Soda Pop Codifier Togan & Scribe Cecilia
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Codifier Togan & Scribe Cecilia
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Codifier Togan & Scribe Cecilia


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Humerous anime collectors set in 32mm heroic scale featuring a mage and his scribe.

No, But I'll Handle Cecilia!

Can You Handle Togan?

Few of the ancient Imbach race choose to follow the path of the Aethyric Doctrine, finding aethyric patterns to be too fickle to rely on. Togan on the other hand revels in the chaos inherent in the energy that binds the universe together.

Cursed with insatiable curiosity and gifted with his races%u2019 naturally long life span there are few Codifiers in existence who can match his mastery of the Doctrines.

Unfortunately, Togan%u2019s curiosity also leads him to become the source of an uncommon amount of mischief. He is banned from as many planets, stations, and ships as any corsair. Many husbands and fathers would like nothing more than to see Togan clasped in irons (or worse) due to his scandalous behavior.

Cecilia, his personal Doctrine scribe, follows in his wake desperately trying to make amends and keep the catastrophes contained to disasters.

  1. 2 Miniatures
  2. 32mm Heroic Scale
  3. Pewter Cast
  4. 50mm Sculpted Base

Sculpted by Thomas David, supplied unpainted, assembly required.

No, But I'll Handle Cecilia!
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